Picture Framing

We provide you with Best picture framing service for the type of material like poster and photos framing, oil painting stretching and framing, tapestry framing, 3D objects box framing, Chinese scroll painting framing, Sports Jersey and T-shirt framing, antique dress framing and also any type of framing to your request. We have a wide selection of more than 300 type of frame moulding and matt board colour range for your choice.


Picture Framing Samples

Tips for normal Picture Framing: Before you decide to do picture framing for picture or poster, you have decided whether you want a border around the picture. If you decide to have a border, choose the colour according to the colour in the picture, and then decide the frame. The frame can be matched to picture or the decor of where you want to hang it. The top covering can be acrylic, normal glass or non-reflective glass. The normal glass gives a very clear look, but glossy. The non-reflective glass gives anti-glare look and it looks like there is no glass on top and its, matt finished. The acrylic sheet has only one option available, it is glossy clear surface. Its real advantage is not breakable, but when wiping, must use a soft cloth because, its, easily get scratched.

Art of Framing Oil Paintings

Canvas oil paintings can be framed in many ways. It can be directly framed or it can be done with border. The border can be the colour to match the painting or it can be just black, to give floating separation look. The border can also be clear acrylic to give see-through-effect of the wall and the wall colour see as a border. Another different border is wood grain finished gap border, give a country look. The traditional way of giving border is canvas frame border, which is the beige colour with gold edge trimming or plane.

Oil Painting Canvas Stretching ( Gallery Wrap )

Oil painting wood bar stretching gives it a frameless look for the oil painting. It is the cheapest way of displaying the painting and preserving it from cracking. Oil painting Stretched can be framed later, if it bore you. Oil painting Canvas Stretching is the first step of oil painting framing.
Tips for oil painting stretching: Oil painting wrap stretch is using a wood skeletal bar and painting is wrap stretch around to give frameless look to the painting and can hang. This mainly for modern art or group painting. It is the first step if you want it not frame first or if you decide you frame it later. It is no good keep valuable rolled and keep at home. Rolled painting crack easily if not stretched or framed, it needs ventilation. Wood bar height for stretching painting can 15mm, 24mm, 38mm or 45mm or even thicker, its depends on edge of the painting original fold of the artist or the way you want it to look boxy or slim look.

Jersey and T-shirt Framing

Jersey and T-shirt Framing can be framed in slight depth box-frame. We expertise in stretching it any possible without any crease before framing. Then is placed on a contrasting background and framed with simply frame. It is framed to keep it as a remembrance or presented to someone special.

3-D Objects Box Framing And Special Order Framing

Mask, shoe or glove, nearly anything can be possibly framed. The item displayed, can bring out memories and reflect their unique style appreciating art.

Cross Stitch Framing