Glass Works in Singapore- Customised Table Top Glasses / Cabinet Glasses / Glass Display 5-D Boxes / Mirrors

We provide glass related service like:

  • Table Top Glass- We cut glass for a table any size and shape, it can be round, straight edge, bevelled edge, curved edge or any other odd shaped edge. The corner can be straight blunted corners or round corners to be any radius. The quality of glass can normal or tempered. The normal glass is tough but breakable, the tempered glass is tougher, it unbreakable and highly heat reliable. The glass comes in thickness 4, 5, 6,8,10,12,15,19 millimetre thickness. The glass colour can be clear, tinted (grey, bronze, blue, green), frosted (sandblast, acid wash).
  • Cabinet glasses- We provide cabinet door glass and display selves glass. The cabinet glass sometimes comes with holes for hinges and handles. We make replacement glass of old cabinet broken glass according to colour and design.
  • Glass Display 5-D Boxes- We make glass box for display items like balls, vase, statue, ships. Boat. This box provides protection again from dust and moisture. The glass cover can easily lift to clean or add any items inside.
  • Mirrors-We have mirrors framed or non-framed for cabinets, wall or wardrobe door. The mirror comes in 3,4,5,6 millimetre thickness and colour can be clear or tinted

Steps to Order Table-Top Glass Online

For straight edged Table with 90 degrees corners-Just measure the length and breath, take a photo of the table corner, then Whatsapp (98804415) and request for quote. Please stated thickness needed, Tempered glass or normal and clear or tinted.

For a round table- It is easy, just measure the diameter and let us know in Whatsapp (98804415),  We will quote you. The edge can be flat rounded or bevelled. Please stated thickness needed, Tempered glass or normal and clear or tinted. 

For radius cornered square or rectangular table- we need the radius cornered measured by you. The measurement can be done by compass, using a coin or tracing out. The measurement is done by compass or you use a coin to measurement for the small curve for order online. The tracing out have to come to our shop to order. The other way is to do radius as shown in the picture below. We can also come to your place, for onsite measurement too. It can be done after agreeing to the estimated cost.

For odd shaped or oval curve table- The measurement must be made onsite, you can send us measurement and picture, to request for estimated quote.

The measurement ideas, corner of the glass, bevelled edge and tinted glass colour.

Shapes of Table the Glass can be done